Corporate Storytelling

We are living in a world which is crowded with information, so it is easy as a consumer to get overloaded with marketing messages from time to time. Companies often feel they need to go to extremes in order to get their message out, but the result can become messy or “too much”, and humour can often get out of hand.

So, how can firms enhance their sales by storytelling? By using branding and knowledge of colour and cultural associations, it can get you further. Think about the recent commercials or advertisements that have stayed with you. For example, Coca Cola with their “Christmas carol” connecting to a tradition while embedding their values by the slogan “Always Coca Cola”. Or cleverly like L’Oréal by “Because you’re worth it” – connecting values of beauty to self-worth –transmitting to makeup and personal grooming.

The good advertisements are not usually about the product per se, but centred around it. What kind of feeling should it leave on the customer? Remember, the purpose is to get on top of consumer’s minds and that is done by creating a story to your brand. The brand is your personality and the slogan your voice.

But sometimes companies may get things wrong. This is what French Connection did in the UK. Maybe this was also the reason to the fallout in sales. In retail, stores may spam you on your emails or even on your mobile phones. But the good companies would know the difference of being annoying and “in your face” to being convenient and “what we want”. Niche marketing is the way to go.


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