Fossil Duel

Consumers of cars have not had a choice with car tanks. We must still fill our cars with petrols, as that is what is built into it and what is supplied most readily (with the  exception of electric/hybrid cars). The cars built today are still with technology that encompass the same-old thinking of fossil fuels, even though mankind have come to the realisation that our CO2-emissions harms not only the environment, but corporations long term. Consumers want convenience. Think about it. Why would any innovative company of today invest in ‘old’ technology if it wants to remain competitive. They should, like Nissan, focus on R&D, and develop new technologies that fit the new Era of a low-carbon economy, because it makes business sense. This should be in co-operation with policy-makers who can create incentives – for example, petrol pumps can be modernised.

Inventors out there should create a device that would allow our existing cars to handle gas, diesel, or whatever substitute. We need business to co-operate together with governments. It is preposterous that fossil fuel is still subsidised by governments in some parts of the world (USA, Australia), which gives out the wrong signals to the industry. If companies want to go beyond the CSR-initiatives they should be given incentives to develop such solutions.


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