Creative Food Shopping

The harsh weather conditions of Sweden got me thinking about old people and their everyday life. A large proportion of the population is old and when it has been snowing – with fluctuating temperatures of plus and minus, the condition creates slippery roads. So this group of people must find it difficult to manage everyday life like going for food shopping, even as they live close to shops in cities. Meaning, that people on the countryside must be even more vulnerable.

There should be a service for these people besides the state-run Hemtjänsten (Home Services). Local businesses could make home deliveries to these people, and if they can’t do it by themselves they could partner with local people by offering incentives. Most old people has access to a phone and could use this to place their orders. The world is changing quickly, and for these people it may be going all too fast to be able to place orders online. But the model could cater for that as an alternative. Hopefully something like this is already in place.


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